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Flat To Pitched Roof Conversion

Flat To Pitched Roof Conversion

Flat To Pitched Roof Conversion

The material of an old flat roof can exhaust in time as a result of persistent exposure to stagnant water or UV light.
Transformation of such flat roofs into a pitched one solves a lot of these problems. A galvanized structural frame system or a timber structural frame system can be installed for such a transformation.

Converting from flat to pitch roof have several benefits or advantages:

It enhances the charm of the building keeping in mind the number of roof finishes that you can select from – traditional tile or slate, metal cladding or modern lightweight tile.

The whole process is done with ease and without any disturbance as the flat roof remains stable.

Dealing with water ingress is no more a problem.

The cost of the building reduced and the insulation is more effective and efficient.

Maintenance cost of the flat roof can be reduced.

It increases both, the value and life of the property.

Designed in such a way that it is compatible with almost every structural requirements.

We can give you the best in class solutions that will adhere to all your needs.

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